1.- Make sure you have the directions and tips how to get here: http://manusplace.com/find-us/

2.- Once you get to the front door type the code we will sent you , once you typed it turn the knob 90 degrees to the left and push the door.

3.- Walk until the end of the hallway and then go upstairs until the top floor, open the door (Number 211) and  you can drop your luggage in the laundry room (Room 5, no door number but it’s the one after room 4). Note that we don’t pay rent for that flat so we can only use that room.


Walk until the end of that flat corridor where you will see 2 bathrooms and a fire door on your left. Open the fire door and turn left and you are in our flat.

– The first door on the right is the LIVING ROOM but also it’s the STAFF ROOM where some helpers can sleep at night (Guests are only allowed to use the living room during the day on request, so if you need the living room for some reason you can tell the guests that they cannot use it until a certain time and of course not at night). Sometimes we offer other rooms to the helpers as well so we will let you know and of course you can use any room after midnight if they are not booked as long as you prepare it next morning. Better have your own bed sheets and duvet and it’s easier to prepare the room with the same bedding that you can leave folded somewhere for the night

– BATHROOM at the end of the corridor but please don’t use the bathrooms next door since we don’t pay those bills any more and the landlord comes to check from time to time…

– KITCHEN at the end of the corridor where you can cook and store your food like guests do.

There is FREE COFFEE AND TEA next to the sink BUT the other stuff in the kitchen is private, so please respect the other guests belongings

WiFi password is Monument123-4