Damage and Breakage:

We are sure that you will take care whilst you stay with us, and we acknowledge that accidents sometimes happen. We do however reserve the right to charge for any damage or breakages which we consider to be deliberately or recklessly caused, for any items discovered missing after you depart or for the cost of the property for any time period for which it is considered un-usable due to damage.

Smoking Policy:

We are a No Smoking establishment. Any abusive use of the fire alarm is illegal and will be charged with the full amount of costs caused. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the premises and throughout the whole building, and if any evidence of such activity is found, a £200 fine will apply. If fire equipment is found to be tampered, fines will apply.

Food and drinks:

Guests agree on keeping the premises as clean as possible. Therefore extra fees may be applied if the place is left in an appropriate condition such as plenty of rubbish or plenty of stains caused by food or drinks. Eating and drinking on the beds is strictly prohibited.

Quiet time:

Guests must be considerate and mindful to neighbours and should keep the noise to a minimum between 11pm and 9am. We do reserve the right to charge for any disturbance caused and affecting the comfort of other our guests.

Extra guests:

Only guests who have paid are allowed to stay overnight on the premises. If you would like to bring your friends along for some night, please ask to our staff.


Sorry, we do not accept pets.

Our Liability:

We do not accept any liability for damage to your property or injury to you (or other members of your party) whilst on our premises unless caused by the negligence of us, or our employees. Cars left in the street parking are parked at your own risk. We are not responsible for the content of external Internet sites.

Possible Charges and Service Interruptions:

In agreeing to our terms and conditions, you authorise us to charge the applicable amount from the deposit and to the debit/credit card used to secure the booking. If the damage/breakages are discovered after you depart, you will be notified of any charges in writing as soon as is reasonably practicable, to be settled by email, Whatsapp, SMS or post.

We reserve the right to stop our services if the rules are not respected with possible intervention of the local authorities.