1.- Make sure you have the directions and tips how to get here: http://manusplace.com/find-us/

2.- Once you get to the front door type the code we will sent you , once you typed it turn the knob 90 degrees to the left and push the door.

3.- Walk until the end of the hallway and then go upstairs until the top floor, open the door (Number 211) and walk all the way until the end of that flat corridor where you will see 2 bathrooms and a fire door on your left. Open the fire door and turn left and you are in your flat. Your room is the one with the number “6” on the door. The key is inside the keybox and we will send you the keybox code just for you where you can store the key if you don’t want to lose it and on the  checkout please lock the room and leave the key inside that box. The WiFi password is written in the sheet we provide inside the room but just in case it’s Monument123-4


– 1 BATHROOM in your flat. Please don’t use the bathrooms next door since we don’t pay those bills any more and the landlord comes to check from time to time…

– KITCHEN at the end of the corridor, and LIVING ROOM (First door on the right) on request but only during the day, please let us know if you want to use it so we arrange a time for you with the staff or talk directly with the staff

There is FREE COFFEE AND TEA in the kitchen next to the sink BUT the other stuff in the kitchen is private, so please respect the other guests belongings


You don´t need to pay any warranty deposit because you agreed our terms and conditions BUT if there are any damages or you don’t respect the house rules we can charge you £200 for smoking in the room, making noise at night, eating or drinking in the room.. and we have the right to stop our services.


Please leave the room before 12, and don´t forget to leave the key in the same place where you found it. Leave the door locked so nobody else can get into the room, and we would appreciate if you can email us to staff@gago.info what time you are planning to leave


If you have any problem you can contact them or usually you can find them in the living room, but since we don’t have reception they are not available 24/7, you can try to call them or call the management team in the numbers here: http://manusplace.com/find-us/

THANKS A LOT and we really hope you have a pleasant stay